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Karen Colwell


August 22, 2023

Todd's Fitness + Nutrition Transformation

Meet Todd.

So many of us can relate to his story.

He was active in his twenties, he ate whatever he wanted, and he didn't struggle to look or feel good.

As he got older, the pounds slowly started creeping on, so he did what most of us do.

He tried every FAD diet out there. He'd stick with it for a few weeks, lose a bunch of weight, and then go right back to his old unhealthy habits. The pounds would come right back on.

When Todd reached out to us in 2020, he was ready for a lifestyle change. He was tired of the yo-yo cycle of weight loss. He was looking for something sustainable to help him take control of his health for the long-term.

Todd started with our fitness programs, joining in our Bootcamp classes and eventually our CrossFit classes, and a few months later he finally added in our nutrition coaching program.

Working out with us got him started on the right path, but our nutrition coaching program was the missing piece of the puzzle.

We never told Todd to cut out certain food groups, stop enjoying drinks with friends, or not go out to eat.

We worked with Todd on how to slowly build sustainable healthy habits into his current lifestyle and find a balance with the things he enjoys.

Our approach was simple, but it wasn't always easy. Progress was not always a straight line, but with our help and his hard work, Todd has been able to create a lifestyle of healthy habits.

In just 8 months of working with a nutrition coach, Todd had lost over 30 pounds, and in the 3 years with us at B3 Gym, he's been able to keep it off.

"If you can help me break 25+ years of bad habits, then you can help anyone that wants to make a change in their life. The thing I’m most proud of is the consistency you’ve helped me to obtain."

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